Features of Our Assisted Living in Rockville Maryland

As our loved ones progress to the age where they require constant attention

and assistance, we are faced with a difficult decision to consider moving our

loved ones to Assisted Living because their needs are not met at home.

At Affinity Assisted Living We understand and recognize this life changing

experience for both family and their loved ones and focus on making your

transition to Assisted Living a smooth and pleasant process with emphasis on

developing a personal care plan with input from resident and their family.

With 15 years’ experience in Senior care, we understand the importance of

holistic care.

We provide private rooms in a very home-like environment. We believe this is

an important factor to ease the anxiety of moving into an assisted living where

your surroundings are not overwhelming.

We have trained our staff with philosophy of care with compassion and

providing comfort for our loved ones who mean the most to us.