Pet Visits at Affinity Assisted Living

Many seniors who live alone or in An Assisted living facility own pets. There are many advantages to keeping pets. Pets are known to increase physical activity, elevate social interaction and help reduce stress and blood pressure.  Pets also help to learn and reduce loneliness and depression.

"A new pet can stimulate someone to read up on an animal or breed, which can be very mentally stimulating and important at that age," says Dr. Katharine Hillestad, a veterinarian with the office of Doctors Foster and Smith in Rhinelander, Wisconsin. Pets not only fill resident’s arms but also their hearts with a big bulk of happiness.

Residents with disabilities are also seen to gain from such interactions. They acquire momentary happiness and feel loved.  They forget about their limitations and physical challenges. Residents not only get physical exercise but also mental exercise.  Pet Visits always leave our residents with a feeling of contentment and delight. 

Affinity Assisted Living in Rockville Maryland schedule periodic Pet visits. We call it Pet Therapy. During Pet visits, residents get a chance to interact with pets. Pet visits always energize and rejuvenate our residents. Residents look forward to the day and some even plan ahead on how they will spend the day with their pets. The Facility tries to bring the same animals every time, so that there is a sense of familiarity and comfort from the start. Residents love their pet’s companionship. Residents often say that the pets provide them with a sense of belonging. It has helped our seniors focus on something other than physical challenges and negative feelings about loss or aging. It has been a very positive experience for our residents.


Warm Regards,

Kiran Banwait

Assisted Living Administrator