Senior Care in Rockeville Maryland

An Assisted Living Home also known as Residential Care Facility is a long-term care facility for the senior population.  It has home like amenities, the only difference being the presence of assistance in every aspect of ADL’s (Activities of Daily Living) for seniors. Personal care, support services such as meals, bathing, dressing and medication management are all provided. Assisted Living’s main purpose is to make the residents feel at home whilst respecting and encouraging individual’s independence and at the same time providing them excellent care and comfort as required.

Affinity Assisted Living located in Rockville, Maryland caters to all seniors who seek long term residence. There are a variety of services we provide depending on the needs of the residents. Besides the normal services of meals, laundry, bathing etc. We also provide entertainment in the form of meaningful activities designed according to residents’ likes and taste. We have a pianist who volunteers to play for the residents every now and then. We also have a pet program where we bring in pets and allow the residents to interact with them.  These programs not only bring a smile to our resident’s faces but are also known to alleviate stress and loneliness. We have noticed that many of the residents eagerly await the pet’s next visit.

Our facility takes time to study the backgrounds of all the residents.  This allows us to formulate appropriate living environment for every resident. We engage our residents in all kinds of activities they enjoy.

Our facility is a home away from home. We have staff members who are experienced and licensed to handle the senior population. Our excellent staff strive to make the experience of living in our facility, as comfortable and cozy as possible. We believe in providing excellent care and make every effort to fulfill it. 

Warm Regards,

Kiran Banwait

Assisted Living Administrator